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Below is my recent work in video production. 

In most of these projects I served as both videographer and editor.

For dance films click HERE

Alacena Feminista de Mayagüez, Project for the Public Good

I worked on a cross-functional team, as the primary videographer and editor, that traveled to Puerto Rico to gather material for creation of Alacena Feminista de Mayagüez inaugural website.

*This video lives on the homepage to give insight into the non-profit's mission and vision. 


Below is another video, created for Alacena Feminista de Mayagüez. It is housed on the "About" page of their new site. The title Empoderamiento contra la injusticia política translates to Empowerment against political injustice and was created to share the organization's political stance.

I served as editor for CharacterStrong's 23 lesson On-Demand Professional Development Course 2: Low Burden, High Impact Strategies. The course is part of a paid subscription so I have created a brief reel that shows pieces from different lessons and the animation assets that I created to emphasize the message.

I created this self portrait video at the start of Elon's iMedia Master's program. This video gives insight into my background and goals.

For dance films click HERE

More videos can be found on the Off-Script page 

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