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All of the below content was created in Adobe After Effects and demonstrates my skill in 2D animation and kinetic typography.

Tortoise and the Hare Reimagined

I used the children's story, The Tortoise and the Hare, as inspiration to recreate in a new and different visual form. In addition, my retelling has some changes from the original storyline. My process involved creating a script and storyboards to visualize my new approach. Next, I used Adobe Illustrator to create the static design elements. I recorded and edited an audio track and finally used Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere to animate and bring the new story to life. 

This work is kinetic typography animation created to act as a visual, time-based representation of an excerpt from Amanda Gorman's poem "The Hill We Climb." 

I created animated timers of different durations in Adobe After Effects, for CharacterStrong's Purposeful People Curriculum.

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